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Winsun Laguna Global Presentation
Winsun Laguna New Designs

Winsun 3DCP is a 3D printing building technology construction company producing environmental 3D printed buildings specializing in Bus Stations, Public Toilets, Public Rubbish Cans, Mobile housing as well as homes and up to 3 story buildings.

There are a variety of 3D printing methods used at construction scale, these include the following main methods: extrusion (concrete/cementwaxfoampolymers), powder bonding (polymer bond, reactive bond, sintering) and additive welding. 3D printing at a construction scale will have a wide variety of applications within the private, commercial, industrial and public sectors. Potential advantages of these technologies include faster construction, lower labor costs, increased complexity and/or accuracy, greater integration of function and less waste produced.

Laguna Pacific has teamed up with a 3-D Construction Printing company to introduce them to new markets. They already have several projects in the China, Middle East, and Europe. However, after learning more about their history and their abilities, we have teamed up with them to help with their global marketing efforts. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Material savings 30-60%, Duration time cut 50-70%, Weight 30-50%


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